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Botox® in West University Place, TX

Dr. David Stapenhorst of Signature Plastic Surgery provides Botox® treatments for individuals in West University Place and Houston, Texas.

Stress, aging and other factors can cause fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Wrinkles in this area can cause individuals to appear fatigued or even angry. Botox® uses botulinum toxin, which is a purified material produced from specific bacteria. Botox® can be injected to remove fine lines and wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals in the muscles that lie in the forehead and between the eyes.

What Happens During The Botox® Procedure By Dr. David Stapenhorst?

Dr. Stapenhorst uses a fine needle to insert Botox® into the muscles that are in the forehead and the area between the eyebrows just above the nose. Through experience, Dr. Stapenhorst knows which muscles to target, as he evaluates the fine lines and wrinkles on the patient’s face. Depending on the number of wrinkles to be treated, Dr. Stapenhorst may administer multiple Botox® injections during the visit. Botox® procedures are typically completed in 15 minutes. Botox® is a very convenient treatment for busy women who have little time to spare. Initial results are seen in only two to three days, and full results can be seen in approximately one week. Botox® injections generally last three to four months.

When Can Normal Activities Resume Following A Botox® Treatment?

Botox® treatments require minimal recovery time and provide some of the fastest results available. Dr. Stapenhorst recommends that his patients avoid all strenuous exercise, activities, and excessive heat for the first one or two days after the Botox® injection. This will reduce the occurrence of bruising and swelling. Patients may return to their normal activities immediately following Botox® treatments.