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Breast Lift in Katy, TX

Female residents of Katy and Houston, Texas, seeking to enhance their appearance using breast lift procedures are increasingly turning to Dr. David Stapenhorst at Signature Plastic Surgery. Dr. Stapenhorst is proud to help his patients enhance their overall appearance with several cutting-edge plastic surgeries.

One of our most popular procedures is the breast lift. Breasts may sag or droop as a result of breastfeeding, multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss. Women who desire breast lift procedures often experience downward-pointing nipples, a lack of breast firmness and nipples below the breast crease. A breast lift can restore the youthful and firm appearance of breasts without significant downtime.

What Happens During the Breast Lift Procedure by Dr. David Stapenhorst?

A mastopexy is the most common type of breast lift. This surgical procedure involves the cutting and removal of excess tissues, such as skin and overstretched ligaments. It may be performed by itself or combined with a breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Stapenhorst performs a mastopexy on an outpatient basis or in a hospital, depending on the circumstances of each case. The procedure begins with an anesthesiologist delivering general anesthesia to render the patient unconscious. Then Dr. Stapenhorst will make incisions around the nipple’s areola to facilitate the removal of excess breast skin and to reshape the skin and tissue. Women lacking sufficient breast fullness may require breast implants at this time to achieve the desired appearance. A breast lift procedure normally takes three to four hours to complete.

When Can Normal Activities Resume After Dr. Stapenhorst Performs the Breast Lift Procedure?

Dr. Stapenhorst advises patients who have undergone breast lift procedures to restrict their activities post-surgery and rest. They should refrain from vigorous physical activity for four to six weeks. If the patient has also undergone a breast implant procedure, they should avoid physical activity that strains the breast area until their breasts and incisions have completely healed.

How Long Is The Recovery After a Breast Lift?

Following the mastopexy procedure, strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for up to six weeks or longer. Most women take one to two weeks away from work. Immediately following surgery, the breasts may be swollen, red, or the skin may feel tight. During your recovery process, a specialized compression bra will be worn over the chest to help the breast heal properly. Results can often be seen after a month, and will continue to improve over time.