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Facelift Surgery in Houston, TX

Facelift, otherwise known as rhytidectomy, ranks among the most sought-after cosmetic procedures that make the skin look youthful and revitalized. This anti-aging procedure can eliminate the visible signs of aging such as dull and sagging skin, folds around the neck, and creases between the nose and mouth. Signature Plastic Surgery offers facelifts to residents of Sugar Land, TX.

During a consultation for a facelift in Sugar Land, TX with Signature Plastic Surgery, the client’s medical history will be checked, and the skin’s condition, including the bone structure, skin elasticity, and extent of the folds and wrinkles will be assessed. These examinations will be the basis of the facelift plan Dr. Stapenhorst will formulate. Clients are encouraged to discuss the look they want to achieve.

Prior to the facelift procedure, the patient is sedated and anesthetized. Incisions are made behind and in front of the ears and the fat tissues underneath the skin called the SMAS layer are lifted. The skin is pulled back and upward for a tighter and firmer appearance. Dr. Stapenhorst may also perform liposuction and may remove or reposition excess skin. Once the facelift is finished, the incisions are closed with sutures and bandages are placed on the wounds.

The recovery time greatly varies between patients. Straining and intense physical activities should be avoided for weeks after the operation to reduce the risks of bleeding. Dr. Stapenhorst will provide instructions for caring and cleansing of the incisions and directions for necessary medications.

Signature Plastic Surgery offers Sugar Land, TX residents both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, and will be more than pleased to assist you in achieving the body you want via a facelift. You can contact us at 281-616-8800 with any questions you might have or to set up an appointment with our professional staff.

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