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Facelift in Richmond, TX

As you age, you may find that your face begins to sag, and wrinkles appear. Signature Plastic Surgery offers facelifts to residents of Richmond, TX. As a solution to reducing the effects of aging, a facelift is ideal for those who want to look as young as they feel.

Prior to your facelift, Dr. Stapenhorst will give you some basic preparatory advice. This may include quitting smoking, and stopping certain types of medication. On the day of the operation, you will be asked to refrain from eating. Dr. Stapenhorst will also take photographs of your face to compare the results after the procedure is complete. Finally, you may be asked to wear compression stockings to prevent blood clots.

The type of facelift you will undergo will depend on the nature of the work involved. A standard facelift will involve making incisions along the hair line. For forehead lifts, an incision is made along the hairline above your forehead. A deep facelift typically involves incisions around the temple, ears and eyes. It may also be the case that an incision is made under your jaw, particularly if you experience sagging skin in the area. All cuts will be made with the aim of providing a natural result. During the procedure, excess fat and skin will be removed, and your face will be tightened. Wrinkles may also be addressed using laser therapy. The end result will be a fresher and more youthful look.

Following your surgery, you will wear supportive bandages around your face, and you may need to continue wearing compression stockings. You may experience swelling and bruising, but this will only last for a short time.

Signature Plastic Surgery offers Richmond, TX residents both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, and will be more than pleased to assist you in achieving the look you want via a facelift. You can contact us at 281-616-8800 with any questions you might have or to set up an appointment with our professional staff.

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