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Microsurgery in Sugar Land, TX

Dr. David Stapenhorst of Signature Plastic Surgery performs Microsurgery procedures in the Sugar Land, Texas, and Houston, Texas areas. Microsurgery is a specialized reconstructive surgery that repairs the small blood vessels and nerves of the body after injury or trauma. In the operating room, Dr. Stapenhorst uses microscopes and precision instrumentation to perform Microsurgery. The microscopes typically provide him with 50 times magnification, and the stitches can be the diameter of a human hair. With this type of technology, Dr. Stapenhorst is able to reconstruct blood vessels and nerves that may be less than one millimeter in diameter.

What types of cases require Dr. David Stapenhorst to perform Microsurgery?

Microsurgery is typically required when there has been severe trauma to the body, such as a severed finger. Without microsurgery it would be very difficult to reattach the blood vessels and nerves to the amputated digit.

Microsurgery is also used for surgical procedures that use flaps of tissue to repair injuries, birth defects and cancer-related defects. During this type of surgery, healthy tissue is removed from an area of the patient’s body and transplanted to the injury site. The blood supply and vessels must be reconnected so the surgery is successful in helping the patient. Flaps have proven to be effective remedies for cancer survivors, as the tissue can be used to replace breasts lost to mastectomies or head and neck tissues removed due to tumors.

How much does Microsurgery cost in Houston?

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