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Rhinoplasty in West University Place, TX

Signature Plastic Surgery offers rhinoplasty to the residents of West University Place, TX. Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic enhancement of the nose, which not only improves appearance and self-confidence; it also can correct abnormalities that can cause breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape, and symmetry of virtually every part of the nose, creating something that is visually appealing, as well as a perfect fit for you.

Signature Plastic Surgery is not only concerned with results, but the safety and health of the patient, as well. It is natural to feel some anxiety before any procedure, especially on a place that is as delicate as your face, so be sure to ask plenty of questions if there is anything that you are unsure about before, during, and after the surgery.

After the surgery is completed, Dr. Stapenhorst will give you very specific instructions on how to care for your nasal area. These instructions must be followed for a healthy recovery. A splint or other internal tubes may be placed inside of the nose, and a bandage on the outside of the nose to protect and support the nose during the healing process. It is very important that you take very good care of the surgical area to prevent any future complications.

Signature Plastic Surgery offers West University Place, TX residents both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, and will be more than pleased to assist you in achieving the look you want via rhinoplasty. You can contact us at 281-616-8800 with any questions you might have or to set up an appointment with our professional staff.

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