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Tattoo Removal in Sugar Land, TX

Tattoo Removal procedures in the Sugar Land, Texas, and Houston, Texas areas are available through Dr. David Stapenhorst of Signature Plastic Surgery. Tattoo Removal is a procedure that many people undergo after deciding that their tattoos no longer represent who they are, or because the tattoos serve as a barrier to advancing in their jobs. Tattoo ink is injected into the dermis of the skin, the layer that is under the visible epidermis. Unlike the epidermis, the dermis changes little over time, making tattoos permanent. Dr. Stapenhorst uses laser treatments for Tattoo Removals because the laser energy is able to reach the dermis without damaging the epidermis. The energy from the laser breaks up the ink in the tattoo so that the body can absorb the ink. Dr. Stapenhorst advises his Tattoo Removal patients that the color of the tattoo ink affects the type of laser he uses, and how easily the laser can break up the ink. Most tattoos may require several treatments for Tattoo Removal. Typically, two to four treatments are required.

What happens during the Tattoo Removal procedure by Dr. David Stapenhorst?

Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, Dr. Stapenhorst may administer a topical or local anesthesia. The patient must wear protective goggles during the laser treatment for Tattoo Removal. Dr. Stapenhorst uses a handheld device to emit laser energy into the skin. At the end of the Tattoo Removal treatment session, Dr. Stapenhorst applies ice to the treatment area to help soothe the skin. Patients are given a topical ointment or antibiotic, and the treatment area is covered with a bandage.

When can normal activities resume after the Tattoo Removal procedure?

Dr. Stapenhorst advises his Tattoo Removal patients that, in most cases, they can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Is there any pain associated with the Tattoo Removal procedure?

Most patients report that the sensations caused by the laser pulses during the Tattoo Removal feel similar to snapping the skin with a rubber band. After the treatment, the patient may experience redness and mild discomfort at the site of the laser treatment.

How much does Tattoo Removal cost in Sugar Land, TX?

Signature Plastic Surgery works with CareCredit® to provide financing options for patients. Within a few hours, you can be pre-approved for your cosmetic procedure.

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